What the COVID Vaccine Means to Spencer Employees

Adhere Rx holds vaccine clinic
Adhere Rx holds vaccine clinic

Working for a smaller company often has its advantages. When there are special occasions, it’s easy to bring the whole company together.

And what better occasion is there than hosting a COVID vaccine clinic? Employees and family members at Spencer Health Solutions cheerfully lined up for their shots out in the parking lot at our building on March 26.

As a health care company, it’s important for Spencer to help lead the way to help patients. The company applied for a vaccine clinic because of our contact with patients – our spencer devices go directly into patients’ homes. Once we heard we had been accepted and that there would be more than enough vaccines to go around, we opened up the clinic to our office park neighbors.

Vaccine clinic at Spencer Health Solutions

Getting the vaccine was important to Spencer’s team members. But so was getting to see colleagues in person on the day of the vaccine clinic. Some team members hadn’t been to the office in months, preferring to work from home during the pandemic. Others have been in the office regularly or periodically (socially distanced, with masks at all times) but welcomed the chance to catch up with coworkers.

There was one thing in common for everyone. Getting the vaccine was the single best thing we could do to protect ourselves, our families, our coworkers and our patients.

Here are a few of our team members expressing what the day meant to them:

Spencer Health SolutionsSherri Moore, Accounting:

“It’s important to me to make sure that I not only protect myself, but protect others around me, especially my family. I have a father who has kidney disease. He’s a diabetic, so he’s at high risk. I have a daughter who has asthma. Just being around people who could potentially be highly impacted by COVID, I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can do to keep those people safe.

“It’s wonderful what we’re doing here today. A big part of our business is helping people manage their health care. This is another way that Spencer is a help to the community.”

Director of Strategic PartnershipsMat Thompson, Strategic Partnerships:

“My parents and my wife’s parents are all in their mid-70s. One of them on each end has some underlying health issues that would potentially put them at risk. My goal is to keep them safe and sound and give them the opportunity to come down here and see their grandchildren again. All four of them are now fully vaccinated. In the time prior to the vaccination, they really hunkered down at home and followed all the guidelines. They’ve been pretty isolated for a while.

“I think this is the right thing for us to do to offer this as a health care company. When COVID hit, and it was nothing but fear and questions, Spencer made sure they let us know we were open for business, but open for business with us at home. A lot of companies furloughed people, they cut back on pay, things were adjusted from a financial perspective. None of that happened here. That’s a huge commitment for a small, growing company.”