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For Patients & Caregivers

Because of the medication you’re taking, your healthcare provider has determined that I can help you — meaning that you can now bring me home completely free of charge.

 I’m helping thousands of people like you by:

  • Simplifying your medication routine and ensuring that you get the best outcome.

  • Communicating with your care team on how you’re doing.

  • Providing support and companionship along your health journey.

On top of all of this, having me in your home is providing insights that help other people with your condition – without ever compromising your privacy.

So, not only will I help make taking your medications simpler and easier – together, we will help others just like you.

It's easy and it's free.

Welcoming me into your home couldn’t be easier. I can arrive as early as tomorrow – and all you have to do is plug me in and turn me on.

Your pharmacist will provide your medication in an easy to load kit – and at no additional cost.

Then, I take care of the rest.

Ready to welcome spencer into your home? Let’s connect!

My team will work with you to have me delivered directly to your home and make sure you get all set up. And did I mention that it’s free?


I can't wait to get started. Can you?

For Pharmacies

Becoming a member of the Spencer-certified Pharmacy Partner Network™ means ensuring a higher level of support to your patients.

Pharmacies...The Missing Piece of the Equation

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are investing tremendous resources in an effort to better support patients and increase the likelihood of clinical trial and commercial program success. To do that, they know they must:

Offering more comprehensive commercial programs that utilize innovative technology is an effective way of accomplishing all of those things and delivering safe, effective therapies to patients waiting for them.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers need community pharmacies to support this work. They need pharmacy teams to make new drug therapies a reality.

Pharmacy teams must embrace partnerships that will not only provide opportunities to extend their level of care, but that also make it easier for them to deliver exceptional experiences to the patients they serve. Increasing access to innovative therapies for patients who need them is a bonus!

However, pharmacists are busier than ever, with limited time to explore new partnerships and opportunities, much less time to research and implement new technologies.

Spencer Health Solutions has the answer. We can help pharmacies join healthcare’s “All Hands on Deck” moment.

Near real-time access to patient data, so you can take action quickly.

Seamless telehealth capabilities that allow you to care for patients right in their homes.

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Want to Become a Spencer-Certified Pharmacy Network Partner?

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to find out how your pharmacy can participate in commercial pharmaceutical programs.

Video Library

Unboxing spencer

The spencer SmartHub comes in a specially designed carrying case. Simply open the case, remove spencer, and plug it in.

Be sure to store the carrying case carefully in case you ever need to transport it or return it.

For Healthcare Providers

You can help your patients receive the greatest therapeutic benefit from their medication.

Near real-time access to patient data, so you can take action quickly.

Seamless telehealth capabilities that allow you to care for patients right in their homes.

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Contact us if you’re a healthcare provider interested in offering the spencer SmartHub to your patients. 


The program includes the use of a medication smart hub called spencer that may help you take your medication as prescribed by your doctor. 

You will receive your prescription medication in individual pouches, all packed in a box which should be stored in your spencer device. When it is time to take your medication, spencer will “beep” to alert you. After you get the alert reminder, you push a button on spencer’s screen and your medication pouch is dispensed to you through the device. You will then see a follow-up question on the screen, which you can answer through the device. 

Your answers help us understand how you are doing. spencer will automatically record that you’ve taken your medication as prescribed. 

The role of the spencer SmartHub in the spencer Companion Program™ is to provide care management support and engage patients with quality of life questions in support of the study objectives. For additional information regarding the study and care plan, please speak with your healthcare provider. 

 The spencer Companion Program is projected to last six (6) months in duration. 

There is no additional cost to you for participating in the spencer Companion Program. The entire cost of the spencer® in-home medication dispenser, the pharmacy services, and delivery of refills is covered by the study sponsor. You will only be responsible for the usual cost of your medication, as determined by your insurance coverage. 

The program pharmacies are members of the Spencer-certified Pharmacy Partner Network™, meaning that its pharmacy teams have been trained to capture and respond to new health insights using the spencer smart hub. Spencer-certified pharmacists can ensure a higher level of support and telehealth outreach to ensure that you are successful in completing your therapy. 

The spencer SmartHub has been designed to be easy-to-use and easy to set up. It will be delivered to your home before your next prescription is due and it will include an easy-to-use set-up guide. There are also videos available at www.spencerhealthsolutions.com to walk you through the set-up process. 

Once your pharmacist is ready to deliver your medication, they will coordinate with you to determine the best date to start your prescription, arrange for delivery of the spencer device, as well as the delivery of the first medication refill kit. Future refill kits will be delivered directly to your home according to your prescribed dosage schedule. 

Contact your participating pharmacy to discuss adding additional medications to the spencer medication refill pack. 

Just before the spencer program is scheduled to end, a representative from Spencer Health Solutions will contact you with instructions about how to return the device. In the meantime, place all packing materials back in the box and keep the box in a safe place. Reusing the box and other materials helps reduce environmental waste. 

Spencer Health Solutions is HIPAA-compliant. To review the privacy policy, please see www. spencerhealthsolutions.com/privacypolicy.

The spencer SmartHub will collect the time your medication is dispensed and your responses to questions present on the spencer screen, as outlined by the study protocol and within the Spencer Health Solutions privacy policy. To review the privacy policy, please see www.spencerhealthsolutions. com/privacypolicy. 

The information collected by the spencer SmartHub will be shared with your prescriber and pharmacy to support your therapy journey, and will be provided in a de-identified format (i.e., any personally identifiable information will be removed) to the physicians conducting the study for study-related use. 

Your pharmacy may contact you to coordinate medication and spencer shipments. Your healthcare provider may contact you regarding your therapy status based on information provided by your spencer. The Spencer Health Solutions Customer Care team may contact you to assist with spencer set up, usage, and technical support. 

Contact your physician to discuss details regarding your therapy, or your pharmacy to discuss details regarding access to your prescribed therapy. 

Contact your physician to discuss details about your participation in the spencer Companion Program. 

Contact your participating pharmacy to discuss adding additional medications to the spencer medication refill pack. 

Spencer Health Solutions will be happy to assist you with any technical issues you have and can be contacted toll-free at: 

8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST
Monday through Friday 

For additional support, you may download the spencerAssist® app on your iPhone or Android, which reminds you to take your medication while on the go and provides the opportunity to complete engagements with the program remotely. 


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