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Taking Drug Research and In-Home Patient Care to the Next Level Across Europe

Martijn Veltmaat, an expert in medical technology, care management, pharmacy support, and biopharmaceutics joins Spencer Health Solutions as the European General Manager.


MORRISVILLE, N.C. (July 13th, 2021) Spencer Health Solutions has appointed Martijn Veltmaat as General Manager Europe. Veltmaat has more than 15 years of experience in leadership roles in pharmacy automation, including data-driven technology to prevent medication errors and packaging automation to help patients take the prescribed medication correctly (also known as adherence). This includes leading roles in business development for MedEye, Healthera, Synergy Medical and a defining period as Chief Executive Officer of JVM Europe.

“Martijn has a broad experience in introducing patient-centered, data-driven technologies into healthcare,” says Tom Rhoads, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Spencer Health Solutions. “His leadership and experience are perfect for introducing Spencer Health Solutions to the European markets, with an initial focus on growth in the Dutch market.” Spencer Health Solutions has also set up a foundation to ensure the protection of patient data in Europe.

Spencer’s smart hub integrates health services into a user-friendly device the size of a small food processor that is often placed on a kitchen countertop. spencer provides medications, integrates data from other medical devices in the home, surveys patients for insights and analysis, and enables virtual visits (telehealth) to healthcare providers and participation in clinical research.

“Spencer Health Solutions promotes home research and healthcare with the world’s first and only smart hub for medication and telecare to support patients at home,” Veltmaat said. “The new combination of services enables healthcare providers and biopharmaceutical companies to reach patients at home with a wide range of services. Patients appreciate this and show it with an extraordinarily high degree of trust and commitment.”

More than 95 percent of patients using the spencer device take medications as prescribed, and more than 90 percent of patients respond to health status questions displayed on the touchscreen. “That level of engagement and adherence makes Spencer’s smart hub a groundbreaking tool for healthcare providers and biopharmaceutical companies that support patients with rare or chronic diseases, as well as biopharmaceutical companies conducting clinical trials to develop new drugs,” Spencer Health Solutions chief technology officer Wendy Kennedy said.

Kennedy recently joined Spencer Health Solutions after a stint as director of release management and infrastructure, security and compliance at Align Technology, a medical device manufacturer, 3D digital scanners and the Invisalign clear aligners that drive the evolution of digital dentistry and orthodontics. As CTO at UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions, she led the development of a cloud-based platform for managing patient data for cardiologists, including a rapid expansion of a four-person engineering team into a global team of 100 engineers and quality management specialists. Kennedy also held technological leadership positions at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, IBM, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity Investments and Siemens Medical Solutions.

Spencer’s smart hub is a unique resource to support the fast-growing trend of decentralized clinical trials with in-home patient care. The spencer device supports improved study compliance with adherence, patient studies and telecare visits, generates real-time data for drug efficacy, and promotes patient safety.

Spencer Health Solutions – Promoting In-Home Patient Care and Clinical Research

Spencer Health Solutions specializes in clinical research and healthcare in patients’ homes. Headquartered in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park region, the company is a leader in the digital health market with a unique smart hub that enables healthcare providers to expand care for patients at home – the last mile of a new level of patient engagement. Customers include pharmacy, healthcare management and biopharmaceutical companies.

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