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PHILADELPHIA – April 16, 2019 – Spencer Health Solutions, Inc. today introduced the spencer® full-circle patient engagement and medication adherence solution to clinical research during the eyeforpharma conference being held in Philadelphia.

“We have an explosion of digital and wearable technology intended to simplify clinical trial participation, and the result is increased complexity for the patient,” said Alan Menius, Chief Scientific Officer for Spencer. “With spencer, we’re solving problems across the entire patient journey.”

Patient advocates joined pharma leaders for an interactive workshop led by Menius and sponsored by Spencer Health Solutions during the opening day of the national summit focused on pharma and patient collaboration. Participants in the hands-on session interacted with the spencer in-home device that dispenses pre-packaged medications; gathers answers to health status questions using a touch screen; captures data from Blue-tooth biometric monitors; and supports telehealth visits with trial patients.

About 40% of participants in clinical research simply stop taking the drug under study during the first six months.[i] The spencer solution is used today by patients in two countries to help them manage multiple medications for health conditions. The average adherence rate for patients using spencer is greater than 95%, and the average patient response rate to health status questions presented with medication dispenses is greater than 81%.[ii]

“With spencer, we start to simplify daily tasks for patients through technology that doesn’t demand things from patients; but does things for them,” said Menius. “Using spencer drives medication adherence and adds the ability to gather unique patient insights, resulting in decreased total clinical trials cost, and additional real-world evidence.”

Spencer’s digital platform includes the spencerAssist™ mobile app, and the spencerCare™ clinical site where trial teams, pharmacists or other care providers can monitor patient medications and feedback. Those insights support research team outreach, including video appointments using spencer.

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