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Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

Spencer Health Solutions has invited Dr. Pamela Tenaerts to join us on the “People Always, Patients Sometimes” podcast to learn more about an important initiative to improve clinical trials. Dr. Tenaerts is the Executive Director of the Clinical Trial Transformation Initiative known as CTTI. Read more…

Heart Failure Week podcast panel discussion

Heart Failure Awareness Week 2020

Welcome to the “People Always, Patients Sometimes” podcast, a production of Spencer Health Solutions. Healthcare has come to a crossroads and it’s time to start listening to new ideas. That challenge is the ‘always done it that way thinking’ We hope you enjoy our conversations with the disruptors, the innovators and the transformers in clinical trials and healthcare. Read more…

David Zaas, MD President Duke Raleigh Hospital

David Zaas, MD – Compassion is a Skill

In this episode of “People Always, Patients Sometimes”, we have a conversation with Dr. David Zaas, President of Duke Raleigh Hospital. Shortly after he gave a keynote at a meeting of the ACRP, the Association of Clinical Research Professionals, he spoke to me about his experience as both a patient and a participant in a clinical trial when he discovered that he had Leukemia. Read more

Gil Bashe

Gil Bashe – Health Communications Ambassador

We are fortunate to have Gil Bashe on the “People Always, Patients Sometimes” podcast. Gil is a Managing Partner of Global Health at Finn Partners, a global marketing and public relations firm. Gil is a champion for health innovation to sustain life and improve patient care. Gil has been tapped by PharmaVOICE as one of the “100 Most Inspiring People in Healthcare” and that’s just one of his accolades. Read more…

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