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Lilly Stairs, Founder Patient Authentic

Lilly Stairs, Founder of Patient Authentic

Welcome to “People Always, Patients Sometimes”. I’m Tom Rhodes, CEO of Spencer Health Solutions. Our podcast is focused on many of the thought leaders and executives that are calling for change and how we design and run clinical trials. Our mission at Spencer Health Solutions is to ensure that patients are at the center of everything we do. So we are pleased to kick off a series of interviews with more patient advocates, influencers, and organizations that are focused on bringing the patient experience to the forefront of the conversation in healthcare. Kicking off our series is a conversation with Lilly Stairs a leading patient advocate, advisor, and founder of Patient Authentic.  Read More…

National Organization for Rare Disorders

NORD – Supporting the Rare Disease Community

Pamela Garvin, Chief Strategy Officer – National Organization for Rare Disorders

Introduction by Tom Rhoads: There are over 300 million people living with one or more of over 6,000 identified, rare disorders around the world. A disease defined as rare in Europe affects fewer than one in 2000 people. Rare diseases are characterized by a broad diversity of disorders and symptoms that vary not only from disease to disease but also from patient to patient suffering from the same disease. Hi, I’m Tom Rhodes, CEO of Spencer Health Solutions. We are honored to have a special guest from the rare disease community on the “People Always, Patients Sometimes” podcast. Pamela Gavin is a Chief Strategy Officer for the National Organization for Rare Disorders. Read More…

Ritesh Patel with Ogilvy Consulting

Transforming Digital Health Brands

Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Officer – Health at Ogilvy Consulting

Introduction by Tom Rhoads, CEO Spencer Health Solutions (00:03):

This past January, I had the pleasure to speak at the open innovation and health event at the JP Morgan healthcare conference. The event was sponsored by Mount Sinai Innovation, Ogilvy Consulting, and Humble Ventures. Our panel discussed the consumerization of healthcare delivery, which was led by Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Officer of Health at Ogilvy Consulting. Ritesh is an amazing thought leader in the digital health space and has been kind enough to accept our invitation, to be a guest on our podcast. Read More…

Barby Ingle on People Always Patients Sometimes

Chronic Pain Patient Advocate Barby Ingle

President of the International Pain Foundation

Tom Rhoads: The patient perspective is an integral part of how we at Spencer Health Solutions approach our work from UX and human factors testing and designing Spencer all the way through our customer interactions. We always look at how the patient evaluates their experience with our system. In this episode of our podcast, we asked chronic pain patient advocate Barby Ingle, founder of the International Pain Foundation, to share her perspective on improving clinical trials. I know you enjoy this episode of “People Always, Patients Sometimes”. Read more…

Will You Meet Your Patient's Post-Pandemic Expectations

Will you meet your patient’s post-pandemic expectations?

Tom Rhoads gave a keynote presentation at eyeforpharma that challenged the clinical trials industry to be open to new patient expectations based on COVID-19. Read more…

ATA – American Telehealth Association and COVID-19

Tania Malik on the ATA, Telemental health and being an entrepreneur

COVID-19 has thrown our healthcare system into disarray. It has created challenges of how to keep patients at home while continuing to deliver them. Quality care telehealth presents a solution whose time has come. The American Telemedicine Association… Read More

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