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Voices of Disruption

There’s no disagreement that when people are informed, active participants in their health and clinical research, the outcomes are better for everyone – the patient, the payer, the research community, and yes, the drug company. How do we walk the talk, especially when it comes to bringing the patient voice to clinical research, and eventually to research as a treatment option, for every person?  … Read More

Digital Medicine Society

The DiMe Society – Jen Goldsack

It’s time to discuss the digitalization and democratization of medicine so we invited Jennifer Goldsack to join us on the “People Always, Patients Sometimes” podcast.  Jennifer is the interim executive director of the DiMe Society,  …Read More

Medication Adherence Climbs to 97% Among Growing Number of Patients Relying on spencer® Technology


New standard for medication adherence and engagement emerges as user base multiples with varying demographics and disease states. Read More…

Tom Rhoads

A Better Way to Manage Meds;

What Spencer Means to the Company’s Founder

One day, Tom Rhoads, founder and CEO of Spencer Health Solutions, found himself in the emergency room waiting for news of his father. The doctor came out and asked him and his mother, what medications his dad was taking.  …Continue Reading

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