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Host of The Elixir Podcast

Joseph Kim The Digital Health Office at Eli Lilly

Assessing Digital Health for Clinical Trials and Commercialization

Our podcast guest today is Joseph Kim, who is a member of the Digital Health Office at Eli Lilly and the host of Lilly’s podcast, The Elixir Factor. On our podcast, he talks about digital health innovation, the IBD challenge, sponsored by Eli Lilly, his podcast, and cross-departmental drug development. We’re proud to welcome a fellow podcaster to “People Always, Patients Sometimes”. Read more…

Will You Meet Your Patient's Post-Pandemic Expectations

Will you meet your patient’s post-pandemic expectations?

Tom Rhoads gave a keynote presentation at eyeforpharma that challenged the clinical trials industry to be open to new patient expectations based on COVID-19. Read more…

ATA – American Telehealth Association and COVID-19

Tania Malik on the ATA, Telemental health and being an entrepreneur

COVID-19 has thrown our healthcare system into disarray. It has created challenges of how to keep patients at home while continuing to deliver them. Quality care telehealth presents a solution whose time has come. The American Telemedicine Association… Read More

Patient Centric Software Design

Patient-Centric Software Design

spencer Software Product Owner Mary Wrenn

In our previous podcast, we interviewed human factors expert Christina Mendat. Christina worked with us in some of the software design for Spencer. I thought you would also enjoy hearing more about the development team at Spencer Health Solutions. So we invited our software product owner Mary Wrenn to join the podcast… Read more

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