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People Always Patients Sometimes

Darcy Forman, Firma Clinical Research, Part 2

We continue the conversation with Darcy Forman in part 2 on the People Always, Patients Sometimes podcast.  In this episode, we’ll discuss the advantages inherent within a smaller clinical research firm and how best to leverage those advantages… Continue Reading


Jim Kremidas, Association of Clinical Research Professionals

For today’s episode of the People Always, Patients Sometimes podcast we interviewed Jim Kremidas, the executive director at the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.  A veteran of Eli Lilly and Company for over two decades, Jim has a great deal of experience in the field of clinical trials – specifically regarding patient recruitment and retention.  We talk with Jim about the complexities of managing multiple simultaneous clinical trials and the role of the patients involved.  As Jim puts it, “without patients, there would be no clinical trials.”…Continue Reading

Clinical Trials Innovator

Craig Lipset Clinical Trials Innovator, Part 2

Part 2 of our conversation with Craig Lipset continues on the People Always, Patients Sometimes podcast. We look ahead to the future for clinical trials, pharmaceutical drug development, and, Craig himself. We asked him how the patient role in drug development has changed over time and where he sees it trending in the next five years. Read More


CISCRP Founder Ken Getz

On today’s People Always, Patients Sometimes podcast we’ll hear from Ken Getz, founder and chairman of CISCRP.  Ken set his focus on patient centricity in clinical trials more than 15 years ago when he founded CISCRP to advocate for patients who volunteer for clinical trials.  Join us for this episode of People Always, Patients Sometimes as we listen to Ken’s insight about how patient-centricity helps researchers as well as patients. … Continue Reading

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