Meet Spencer

meet spencer


i’m the hub of a seriously connected health network. it’s the result of thinking outside the (pill)box.

managing multiple medications is a serious problem, and it needs a seriously connected solution. so i do far more than just dispense pills or send alerts. i’m a smart, connected health hub that supports you with a unique, integrated “circle of care.” i connect everyone to each other. keeping everyone who needs to know, in the know. i let your caregiver and the spencer pharmacist connect, and send you messages of support. and with me, you can connect directly to your spencer pharmacist.

we all work together to keep you on the path to better health.

better connected

spencer connects patients to care teams—and a certified spencer pharmacist—in a unique and totally integrated way.

spencer keep everyone informed with everything from helpful reminders to alerts and messages of support, so we can all help. 

spencer lets patients make a virtual visit to their pharmacist or participating doctor, so they can answer any questions.

spencer dispenses the right pills, exactly when they are needed, and shows patients pictures of the pills to avoid confusion if pills are ever changed. 

A great communicator, spencer’s advanced audio system shares insights from the spencer pharmacist. 

spencer can also dispense medications in advance, so if patients are on the go, the pills go with them.

insightful and helpful

spencer acts as a medication calendar and reminder. It helps patients stay on track with medications that keep them healthy and it records taken or missed doses. When a little support is needed, with the pharmacist’s help, spencer can notify the care team and help the patient get back on track. 

spencer also dispenses wisdom. the data it gathers—everything from blood pressure to blood sugar—can lead to useful insights. It can share this with the patient’s pharmacist or care team to help keep patients adherent and healthy.

  1. Your spencer-certified pharmacist reviews all of your medications with you and your prescribing healthcare professionals.
  2. spencer-certified pharmacist prepares medication filled packs that are pre-sorted and arranged by the determined times based on what your doctors have prescribed.
  3. The refill is then delivered to your home to be inserted into spencer in one easy step. spencer confirms that you’ve received the right medication and you’re ready for the future of connected care!
  4. spencer dispenses the right medications at the right time with reminders and alerts. And when your family caregivers download the spencerAssist™ mobile app, they can join your circle of connected care and help you stay on track with spencer winks and pats on the back!
  5. spencer records when your medications are dispensed and stores that information in a secure virtual database so that you can view your medication history at any time. And your spencer-certified pharmacist can see the same history along with all of your medications on his computer.
  6. In fact, your pharmacist can ask questions to help support you in managing your health routine. The questions will appear on spencer’s touch screen and you can answer there too! Everyone stays connected.

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