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Our mission is to advance research and healthcare for better patient experiences. In addition to company news and posts authored by Spencer Health Solutions thought leaders, our blog and podcast include guest posts authored by industry experts and influencers.

Our blog features stories on clinical trial innovation, disruption, and the patient journey.

The “People Always, Patients Sometimes” podcast features conversations with thought leaders and patients advocates inspiring innovation in healthcare, clinical trials, and pharma.

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Listening to patient voices in clinical trials

Voices of Disruption is a summary of patient voices in clinical trials and industry leaders committed to change. Produced by Spencer Health Solutions.

There’s no disagreement that when people are informed, active participants in their health and clinical research, the outcomes are better for everyone – the patient, the payer, the research community, and yes, the drug company. How do we walk the talk, especially when it comes to bringing the patient voice to clinical research, and eventually to research as a treatment option, for every person? At Spencer Health Solutions, all that we do – from design to manufacturing to introducing intuitive digital technology to the home – starts and stops with the individual, wherever they may be on their health journey.

That’s exactly why we launched our podcast: People Always, Patients Sometimes. Host Janet Kennedy, Sr. Digital Brand Manager at Spencer Health, invites leaders of change in health, medicine, and clinical research to exchange ideas on how we can work together to accelerate research reform and inclusion. This eBook presents a collection of excerpts from hours of discussion among patients and pharma industry leaders about obstacles to change; the critical need for innovation; and what single action today might propel us toward better outcomes for all.

We invite you to consider these perspectives, advance the conversation, and let us know what you think about ways to include patient voices in clinical trials to transform and innovate clinical research. Reach out to us at