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Market potential for new therapies is shortchanged when patients don’t consistently take them as prescribed. The old saying is true: Drugs don’t work in people who don’t take them.

The spencer® smart hub helps pharmaceutical companies avoid costly misfires from a poor experience among patients and prescribers. The in-home spencer device has been shown to improve patient engagement, which is the starting point for helping patients stay on therapy, ultimately leading to a more positive patient experience and greater commercial acceptance. spencer’s dual focus on engagement and adherence helps pharma meet a significant challenge – how to support patients after the prescription has been written.

97% Medication Adherence

With engaging reminders and simple dispensing, it’s easier for patients to take their medications.

90% Patient Engagement

Patients answer health status questions by touchscreen providing better visibility into adherence.

Real-World Evidence Support

The spencer device is an important tool for real-world evidence. Engagement surveys are easy for patients, giving pharma companies reliable data collected directly from patients in their homes. spencer’s high levels of engagement help ensure that useful information from patients is collected and can be delivered in an identified or de-identified way.

Real-Time Insights

The spencer smart hub continuously collects data – actively through dispensing and questions and passively through Bluetooth connections. Bluetooth-enabled health monitoring devices collect health data, such as blood pressure and glucose levels. The data is collected and sent to the spencerCloud which can be easily accessed through the spencerCare platform or delivered via API.

Telehealth Connections

spencer’s telehealth link is the lifeline that can connect patients and clinical teams, making it easy to address patient questions or concerns. Telehealth helps improve patient engagement and potentially reduce the number of in-person office or clinic visits.


Spencer Health Solutions works with a variety of retail and specialty pharmacies to package your medication based on the prescription written by the HCP. Spencer can work directly with your established pharmacy network to execute a spencer solution.


spencer can accommodate a variety of complicated dosing schedules – scheduled titrations and otherwise. Whether it’s timed titrations in one refill kit, one refill kit per dose strength, or any other required titration, we will accommodate the prescription written by the HCP.

Titration for commercial pharma

Depth of Data

spencer’s data capabilities help meet commercial data-gathering requirements. The depth of data from the spencerCloud gives your team near-real-time insights to support patients and analysis.

spencer’s Patient Support Solution

The spencer smart hub connects the clinical team with patients in their homes, providing more convenience for the patient. By engaging patients through a user-friendly interface, patients are reminded to take their medications and interact with their clinical care team. With real-time data collected and analyzed, the team can loop back to patients for adjustments or follow up through spencer’s telehealth solution. The opportunity for the patient engagement team to optimize a patient’s experience is unprecedented with spencer.

Dispense medications with ease and accountability

Meds on the Go alerts are enabled through spencerAssist

Engagement surveys

Engage patients with fully customizable surveys


Telehealth connects patients to the clinical support team

spencer with biometric readings

Patient reported outcomes are delivered in near real-time

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As more and more commercial pharma companies are developing patient engagement strategies, platforms that do more than pill dispensing are becoming critical to program success. Now is a good time to take a look at spencer. Our platform can support your patients through increased medication adherence, improved patient engagement, and detailed RWE. We even have a pilot program to show you how effective spencer can be. Reach out and  let’s start a conversation.


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