Clinical Research

Clinical trial sponsors face increasing pressures to deliver results efficiently. Any setbacks from study drug compliance, lack of patient engagement or data integrity issues can be costly.

The spencer® smart hub helps reduce these risks in clinical trials. spencer is the only singular platform designed to increase both adherence and engagement. 

spencer can add value in phase II through phase IV studies, redefining direct-to-patient trials and the collection of real-world evidence. 

97% Medication Adherence

With engaging reminders and simple dispensing, it’s easier for patients to take their medications.

90% Patient Engagement

Patients answer health status questions by touchscreen providing better visibility into adherence.

Patient-Reported Outcomes in One Place

Answering ePRO questions is easy with spencer. The spencer touch screen prompts participants to answer questions designated by the protocol.  All entries are shared immediately with the team, allowing investigators to follow up with patients to keep them compliant, engaged, and participating.

Real-Time Insights

The spencer smart hub continuously collects data — actively through dispensing and questions and passively through Bluetooth connections. Bluetooth-enabled health monitoring devices collect health data, such as blood pressure and glucose levels. This data collection provides real-world health insights to empower the clinical team to support the participants between scheduled visits.  The data is collected and sent to the spencerCloud which can be easily accessed through the spencerCare platform or delivered via API.

Telehealth Connections

spencer’s telehealth feature brings research full circle. Telehealth connects the research team with patients, making it easy to address patient questions or concerns and reduce the number of required on-site clinic visits. Remote capabilities also offer the potential to expand trial participation to a larger geographic area, reducing patient burden that often contributes to trial dropouts.


spencer works with a variety of industry leading clinical packagers to ensure your study drug meets all stability requirements while still being able to be dispensed through the spencer smart hub. We have a variety of packaging options to meet your needs and account for your currently stable packaging formats.


spencer can accommodate a variety of complicated dosing schedules – both scheduled titrations and not! Whether it’s timed titrations in one refill kit, one refill kit per dose strength, or any other protocol required titration, contact us to today so we can explore the best option for your study.

Medication titration with spencer

Depth of Data

A portal for clinical sites as well as CROs/Pharma, spencerCare houses all data collected by the spencer device. spencerCare allows the site and Sponsor teams to have real-time actionable data to help mitigate potential problems. Data can be viewed by role as required in an identified or de-identified manner to ensure patient privacy.

spencer’s Full Circle Trial Solution

The spencer® smart hub connects investigators with participants in their homes, providing more convenience with enhanced data collection. By engaging patients through a user-friendly interface, patients are reminded to take their medications and interact with the study team. With real-time data collected and analyzed, the study team can loop back to patients for adjustments or follow up through the telehealth links within the device. This gives sponsors a full-circle solution throughout the trial.

Dispense medications with ease and accountability

spencer with biometric readings

Connect with multiple health monitoring devices

Engagement surveys

Collect answers to ePRO and patient survey questions


Link with patients by telehealth between clinic visits


Access real-time clinical insights for intervention and support

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Clinical trials are complex for all parties involved. Let us help you reduce burden for your patients AND study teams. Wouldn’t it be meaningful to know that patients are taking their study drug correctly, are being compliant with the protocol, and are meaningfully engaged in REAL TIME? You could identify risks and correct them prior to a a protocol deviation, or more importantly, safety issue. 

You can’t bring a drug to market without correct efficacy data and patient engagement. Let us help you guarantee the most successful clinical trial.

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