Care Management

Care Management

Patients have a lot on their minds. spencer® eases the burden of taking medication by dispensing the right dose, at the right time, every time.

The friendly green fellow also frees up care teams, so they can deliver the direct patient care to which they’re committed.

The spencer SmartHub has been proven to increase long-term patient engagement and medication adherence, even in patient populations that span multiple disease states, chronic conditions, or those who are at of risk of non-adherence.

In fact, with a Net Promoter Score greater than 70 – a rarity for health devices – spencer keeps patients engaged and adherent without technical know-how.


spencer users range from aged 22 to 94 across a wide variety of chronic conditions


spencer patients take an average of 7.4 medications daily


spencer users give a greater than 70 Net Promoter score, a world-class rating in healthcare

spencer in the Home

The spencer device sits in the patient’s home as the smart hub of a connected health network. For care management teams helping patients with chronic and rare diseases, spencer’s telehealth and data collection features help reduce uncertainty about the patient’s medication adherence. Our patients have peace of mind knowing that spencer is keeping them connected to their clinicians and caregivers.

Caregiver’s Peace of Mind


Parkinson’s Patient Sings spencer's Praises

For 64-year-old Susan, Parkinson’s Disease resulted in a series of more than 30 falls over a two-year period. It was time for a change. So she invited the spencer SmartHub into her British Columbia home.

She stayed safe and didn’t experience any falls for six months.

In addition, the spencer SmartHub enabled Susan to take her five medications as prescribed – five times a day – without missing doses. With her new adherence rate at 97 percent, she was better able to manage her Parkinson’s, as well as her hypertension and Ankylosing Spondylitis, a rare type of arthritis.

Susan used spencer as part of a 2019 study in collaboration with Catalyst HealthCare and the Canadian Healthcare Authority.

Overall adherence across all participants in that study hit 98 percent, with patient engagement of almost 80 percent as measured by patient responses to questions posed through the spencer device.

All caregivers responding to surveys reported less burden in helping their loved ones manage their medications.

Using spencer helped Susan make progress on her goals — to prevent falls, get more comfortable speaking, and embark on a more active lifestyle. The evidence? The falls stopped, and the active lifestyle started when she joined a weekly singing group.

spencer SmartHub Features


Patient-Reported Outcomes

spencer supports ePRO and real-world evidence by giving patients an easy-to-use platform to respond to care team questions. spencer’s high level of engagement helps ensure that useful patient information – including their perceptions of whether their condition is improving or getting worse – is acted upon by clinicians.

Real-Time Insights through spencerCare

spencerCare is a clinical hub that provides insights on medication dispensing, health surveys, and Bluetooth connections. Bluetooth-enabled health monitoring devices collect health data, such as blood pressure and glucose levels. These insights provide clinicians the real-time information they need to help guide outreach to patients.

Telehealth Connections

spencer’s telehealth connection is the lifeline that supports patients and clinicians, making it easy to address patient questions or concerns. Telehealth helps improve patient engagement and reduce the number of in-person office or clinic visits.

No Sorting - Pills Come Pre-packaged

Medications come prepackaged from Spencer pharmacy partners in a self-contained refill that drops right into spencer. To help patients avoid confusion, it shows pictures of the pills to be taken. If the patient plans to be away, medications can be dispensed in advance through Meds on the Go.
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