A Convenient Way for You to Stay On Track

The spencer SmartHub gives you a convenient way to take your medications and interact with your care team.

More than a pill dispenser, the spencer SmartHub puts you at the center of your care.

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Simple Set Up

Setting up the spencer SmartHub is as simple as taking it out of the box, plugging it in, and inserting the refill.

How spencer Works

Seamless Patient Experience

Spencer Health Solutions designed the spencer SmartHub in collaboration with patients and caregivers to ensure that your experience is flawless and enjoyable.

Medication Dispensing

Stop filling pill containers and worrying about which pills to take at what time! spencer is easy to use,  includes pre-packaged medications from your pharmacy, and dispenses them at the right time. Plus, you get reminders when its time to take your medications or interact with your care team.


Taking advantage of telehealth visits is so easy with spencer. Your physician or pharmacist sets up an appointment and with one-click, you’re talking!

Meds on the Go

Are you planning to travel or just be away from home during a scheduled medication time? Use spencer’s Meds on the Go feature to pre-dispense as many pill packs as you need. The spencerAssist® app will help you keep track of when to take your meds when you’re away from home.


Taking your meds on time is important, but we know there is more to your health story. After dispensing your medications, spencer may ask you survey questions and relay that information back to your doctor or pharmacist, giving them a better picture of your overall health.

Connect Additional Medical Devices

When it’s important to track other health information related to your care, spencer can connect to Bluetooth-enabled medical devices, such as a scale, blood pressure cuff, glucometer, and a thermometer.