GI Thought Leaders on Twitter

Blogs and newsletters are great, but social media is a vital part of the healthcare conversation. Influencers share the latest research, health tips, upcoming events, and other information related to their field of interest. By following GI thought leaders on Twitter, you get “real-time” updates, insights and access to conversations or viewpoints you won’t get anywhere else.

For gastroenterology and liver diseases, check out these Twitter accounts that we love to follow.

  1. Andrew Muir, MD @AMuir_DukeGI

Dr. Muir is Chief of GI at Duke University Division of Gastroenterology in Durham, NC. Dr. Muir is outspoken about ending hepatitis infections and share what’s happening at his institution as well as others to research this disease. Learn what’s happening at Duke University and what Dr. Muir is following day-to-day.

2. Deborah Fisher, MD @DrDeborahFisher

Dr. Fisher is a researcher and physician at Duke University. She consistently shares research, news and tips related to GI, as well as other interesting health news. Follow her to keep tabs on the latest research, presentations, speeches and podcasts.

3. Sue Wang, MD @swang8

Dr. Wang is a physician and President-Elect of the World Hepatitis Alliance. On and offline, she’s an influencer in the hepatitis medical community. As an individual living with hepatitis B, she has a unique perspective as a patient, practitioner, researcher and advocate. Follow her for highlights on the latest presentations and research into liver diseases.

4. Neilanjan Nandi, MD @FITWITMD

Dr. Nandi is Director of the Center for IBD at Devel Medicine and an advocate for people with IBD and other digestive disorders. His account provides medical information, fundraising and research related to gastrointestinal disorders. His account provides unique, informative articles, graphics and shout outs to others in the medical community. Dr. Nandi’s account has a positive, uplifting tone and makes a great addition to your Twitter lists.

5. Mayo Clinic @MayoClinicGIHep

An official account of the Mayo Clinic focused on gastroenterology and hepatology. Find quick, informative tweets about the latest research by Mayo Clinic researchers, plus links to educational content on different disorders as well as what’s happening at Mayo Clinic.

6. President of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases @AASLDPresident

Run by the current AASLD President, Michael Fried, MD, this account shares the latest research, meetings and advocacy efforts from the organization. Find out what’s coming up as well as who’s who within the field of liver diseases.

7. CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis @cdchep

A must-follow account for anyone interested in hepatitis. The CDC shares policies, research updates, recommendations and basic facts about the virus. The account also hosts twitter chats for more in-depth social discussions about hepatitis and related topics.

8. Ken Berry, MD @KenDBerryMD

Dr. Berry is an advocate for ending chronic diseases caused by hyperinsulinemia. He’s outspoken about wellness, nutrition and the keto diet. Follow him for a unique perspective on nutrition science.

9. Julius Wilder, MD, PhD @Julius__Wilder

Dr. Wilder is a researcher and transplant hepatologist at Duke University.  Dr. Wilder also focuses on health disparities, so his account provides links to topics you won’t often find elsewhere. Follow his account for the latest on liver transplant health news, disparities in liver care and transplants, and transplant advances at Duke University.

10. Amy Oxentenko, MD @AmyOxentenkoMD

Dr. Oxentenko is an internal medicine and gastroenterology professor at Mayo Clinic. Her account focuses on GI research, with a special focus on celiac disease. She’s also an outspoken advocate for women in medicine and ways to reduce gender bias.

11. Aline Charabaty, MD @DCharabaty

Dr. Charabaty is an Associate Professor of Medicine, Clinical Director of the GI Division, Director of the Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease at Sibley Memorial Hospital at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Her Twitter account supports care and advocacy for #IBD patients. She is the creator of @MondayNightIBD a Twitter chat at 4:00 pm EST every Monday.

12. Darrell Gray, II, MD, MPH, FACG @DMGrayMD

Dr. Gray is a GI doc who is passionate about health equity, community engagement and beating cancer. He is Medical Director, Endoscopy and Gastroenterology Services at University Hospital East at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. He shares about his field, his family and his community and is the co-founder of #DiversityInGI.

This is just a “starter list” of accounts to follow. To make it easier for you to follow them, we created a Twitter list titled “GI Must Follow.” There are many more thoughtful and smart folks that should be on this list. Please name them and tag @SpencerHealth and we’ll add them!