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How do I shutdown spencer?

Soft Shutdown
Settings & Tools > Shutdown > Yes.
This is a soft shutdown and the preferred method of shutdown.
The lid will not open if you use the Shut Down option. If you need to remove the refill, touch Open Lid first, remove the refill, and close the lid. Then the Shut Down button.
Hard Shutdown
Use this method of shutting down only as a last resort. Try shutting down using the Soft Shutdown option first.
Press the silver button on the back of the device for 10 seconds or until spencer screen turns black. Wait a few seconds and press the button again to power on.

Error Codes

Error (with) Code and Error NoCode. Error Code: This is a software-related error associated with a code (number) that is presented as an alert on the device. Example: The spencer screen displays a red prompt reading “There is a problem with your device. Please call support. Error Code 14.” Error no Code: Error No Code is an issue that occurs with the device which does not have an associated code. This could be a hardware or non-coded software-related issue. Example: The spencer screen is black and non-responsive. In both cases, please contact Customer Service.