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Darcy Forman, Firma Clinical Research, Part 2

Our guest today on the People Always, Patients Sometimes podcast is Darcy Forman.  Darcy represents Firma Clinical Research as the Vice President of Global Clinical Operations.  She began her career as a bench scientist working for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals before moving into a project management role with Pfizer, as well as a variety of other CROs.

At Firma, Darcy is responsible for the oversight of the Clinical Operations team.  A primary focus of hers is the burden on the patient that a clinical trial can have and how researchers can alleviate that for the benefit of both the patient and the clinical trial.  We had so much to discuss with Darcy that we decided to continue the conversation in the next episode of People Always, Patients Sometimes.

Firma Clinical Research is located in the same neck of the woods as Spencer Health Solutions – the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina.  Firma came from the merger of PharmaStart and H2O Clinical in 2016.  Don’t let its small size fool you though; Firma does it all, from biostatistics and medical writing to clinical operations and in-home patient visits.