Craig Lipset Clinical Trials Innovator, Part 1

Craig Lipset
We are very pleased to bring you the first episode of our new podcast “People Always, Patients Sometimes” featuring a conversation with Craig Lipset. The mission at Spencer Health Solutions has always been to put patients at the heart of what we do. We realize that new drug development, through greater patient engagement and improving medication adherence is critical to improving the lives of patients. Patience, however, does not always rest easily with our desire to enact change quickly. The good news is that discussions are happening – online, within patient communities and social media platforms like Twitter, and at conferences, some even patient-focused. Our goal with the People Always, Patients Sometimes podcast is to expand further on those conversations and give voice to the innovators, disruptors and the transformers who are proposing, and making, changes to the clinical trials process. We’ll be hearing from executives in the pharmaceutical, clinical research medical device, and nonprofit space. Most importantly, we’ll bring you conversations with patients.
Our guest for the inaugural podcast is Craig Lipset. He’s the former head of clinical innovation at Pfizer and an advisor to multiple health tech startups. Craig talks about innovating efficacy in clinical trials on this episode of People Always, Patients Sometimes.