Clinical Research

The spencer® smart hub eases clinical trial burdens for patients, increases adherence and improves engagement. With improved patient retention and fewer dropouts, new treatments reach the market earlier and at lower overall costs.

Because spencer has both human support and data collection capabilities in the home, spencer can be used starting in phase II trials through phase IV, along with real-world evidence and direct-to-patient trials.

spencer is the only platform to successfully integrate pill dispensing, data analytics, and telehealth technology into a single device. 

spencer’s Full Circle Trial Solution

The spencer® smart hub connects investigators with participants in their homes, providing more convenience with enhanced data collection. By engaging patients through a user-friendly interface, patients are reminded to take their medications and interact with the study team. With real-time data collected and analyzed, the study team can loop back to patients for adjustments or follow up through the telehealth links within the device. This gives sponsors a full-circle solution throughout the trial.

Improving Adherence

About 40 percent of clinical trial participants stop taking the study medication within 6 months.1 That means more time and more expense before the drug gets to market. spencer® makes taking medications easier. Medications are pre-packaged by the pharmacy, ready to be inserted into the device. spencer then provides reminders when it’s time to take medication, dispensing the appropriate meds at the correct dose. No deciphering labels or additional steps needed by the individual. And spencer logs each time medication is dispensed as well as each time a dose is missed, sending that data to the study team. Current spencer users are 95 percent adherent to their medication regimens, creating an enhanced opportunity for better adherence and faster trials.*

>95% Medication Adherence*

With engaging reminders and simple dispensing, it’s easier for patients to take their medications.

>75% Patient Engagement*

Patients answer health status questions by touchscreen providing better visibility into adherence. 

*average for population of spencer users. 

Patient-Reported Outcomes in One Place

Answering ePRO questions is easy with spencer. At each medication dispense, spencer prompts participants to answer questions set by the researchers right on the touch screen. No paper surveys, phone calls or emails are needed. Current spencer users respond to questions 81 percent of the time. Plus, in a trial setting, spencer can replace a pen and paper diary with video entries. All entries are shared immediately with the team, allowing investigators to adjust doses or follow up with patients to keep them engaged and participating.

Real-time Insights

The spencer® smart hub continuously collects data — actively through dispensing and questions and passively through Bluetooth connections. Bluetooth-enabled health monitoring devices collect health data, such as blood pressure and glucose levels. This data collection may reduce the number of clinic visits needed during a study, a patient burden that often contributes to trial dropouts.

Telehealth Connections

Bring research full circle, with telehealth links that connect the research team with patients using their spencer Smart Hub. Answering patient questions or concerns through a telehealth appointment may reduce the number of required on-site clinic visits. Remote capabilities also offer the potential to expand trial participation to a larger geographic area.


*Adherence is based on the percentage of doses dispensed and assumed taken by the patient over 24 hours. Adherence is defined as spencer adherence greater than 80%.