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The spencer® Smart Hub is a medication dispensing device that makes it easy and convenient for patients to remember to take their medications on time and at the proper dose. Data collection with spencer, through dose monitoring and health questions, allows for a collaborative approach to care among patients, caregivers, physicians and pharmacists. Plus, it gives peace of mind to doctors and caregivers by sending alerts if the patient misses a dose.

The spencer® Smart Hub increases medication adherence through improved patient engagement and satisfaction for people who are managing multiple conditions and are at high risk of non-adherence. For health systems, providers, and insurers, increased adherence and engagement with spencer can potentially help them manage the costs of care for at-risk patients.

Find out more about spencer and the difference it can make for your patients.

Spencer in the Home

spencer reduces the confusion and uncertainty of managing medications for multiple chronic conditions. Learn more about how spencer can help you or a loved one with chronic conditions improve medication adherence.

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