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spencer in the home

Meet spencer

spencer® is the world’s first at-home medication smart hub. It’s an easy-to-use platform that helps improve both patient engagement and medication adherence.

For clinical trials, commercial pharma, and care management, spencer is the only device that connects medication dispensing, telehealth and real-time patient data.

Spencer supports patients

The spencer® smart hub eases patient burdens, increases adherence, and improves engagement. Find out more about how spencer can help your use case below

Care Management

spencer supports patients in-home or in residential care facilities

Clinical Trials

The spencer smart hub supports decentralized and hybrid clinical trials


Spencer helps patients start and stay on therapy

We have elevated sustained adherence to 97% and greater across multiple disease states and disorders in people with a wide variety of medical conditions.


Our spencer users have a lot to say about how spencer has impacted their lives

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