Advancing research and healthcare from the home.

Simplify clinical trials with the spencer® Smart Hub. Bring new treatments to market faster, and at a lower cost.

Patients are engaged and adherent. Health insights are presented in real time to demonstrate value through outcomes.

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June 23-27 2019, San Diego, CA
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95% medication adherence*

With engaging reminders and simple dispensing, it’s easier for patients to take their medications.

81% patient engagement*

Patients answer health status questions by touch screen.

*average for population of spencer® users for Q1 2019

Spencer in Clinical Research

Dispense medications, log adherence, answer ePRO questions and collect health data all through one platform. Data gets shared directly to the research team, providing targeted, real-time insights. Learn more about how the spencer® Smart Hub can transform clinical trials.

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Spencer in Care Management

Connecting patients with providers, caregivers and pharmacists, the spencer® Smart Hub makes taking multiple medications easier for people managing complex health needs. Learn more about Spencer Health Solutions as a partner in improving outcomes and advancing value-based healthcare.

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